Our Mission


The mission of Serving Kids Hope is to promote healthy lifestyles in children, families, and communities by addressing medical, nutritional, social, economic and behavioral issues in a comprehensive, compassionate, and empowering manner.



1. Increase awareness of the childhood obesity epidemic.

2. Educate families, providers and the community about treating and preventing childhood obesity.

3. To provide a safety net to families with nutrition related issues in Orange County.

Our Impact


Children with obesity and growing up with ACEs have 18 and 20 year decreases, respectfully, in life-expectancy. Overweight/Obesity and ACEs have a prevalence in children of approximately 30% each. Both these conditions are higher racial minorities, those living in poverty, and those with special needs.

In the 2019-2020 school year,  SKH had 13,000 encounters through patient care, group classes, school-based programming, and community/ provider training.

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