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Both childhood obesity and trauma are linked to shortened life expectancy, by 18 years and 20 years respectively. The prevalence of both of these conditions are in higher racial minorities, those living in poverty, and those with special needs. The good news is that unlike many health issues, the long term impacts of  childhood obesity and trauma can be prevented and treated. 

With the support of caring people like yourselves, SKH will be able to meet our two goals.  

  1. Continue supporting the much needed treatment for under-served children and families in our community for obesity and Adverse Childhood Obesity Experiences(ACEs).  

  2. Support the launch our new virtual health promotion program: Dr. Patricia’s Health Club: Being Healthy from A-Z which is designed to heal, help, and inspire early learners impacted by the Pandemic.

We believe in creating a healthier generation and  greatly appreciate your support toward our efforts.  

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